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Hump Day 11/16/22 Live Mix

This is a live mix I recorded at my weekly Wednesday gig at Home, A Bar in Portland, OR. I've been having a fun time at that place. This particular week, I just freestyled starting with some Yacht adjacent disco-rock for the people that were already there. The rest of the set was mostly tracks that I've never played before. A lot of stuff that was new to my library with some old faves sprinkled in. Most of it wasn't prepared at all. R&B heavy. Disco, funk, G-funk, samba, a sprinkle or New Jack Swing and jazz. Vibes. Also, I was only scheduled to play 3 hours, but played almost 4.

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Sunday Groove Live Mix (9-25-22)​

Live recording from the last 28 minutes of my set at Moto PDX Cafe on 9-25-22.

My whole set was done using one turntable and instant doubles in Serato. I forgot to charge my Phase remotes the night before, so I was taking turns charging them in case things really popped off.

Ran to the bathroom during Lowdown.

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Secret Roller Disco 9-15-22 Live Mix

Recording of my set from the Secret Roller Disco on 9-15-22.

I started the recording about 30 minutes into playing. Not my best mixing, but I know people enjoyed it. (I really need to start bringing a monitor. And a small light now that it's getting dark earlier.)

This is mostly an unedited recording, mistakes and all. I did fix a couple volume issues though.

Recording is music only, no announcements. That's why there might be some extended loops. Because I was doing announcements about lost bank cards, iphones, and toe stops.

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Standard Party Jams

This is the first mix I've put out in sometime. It's me burning through what I call "Standard Party Jams." It's the kind of stuff I was doing at casino gigs and weddings. Stuff ranging from the 1950's to recent years. Pop, R&B, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, Rock.
I recorded it March 2021 to be a demo for wedding clients, but then decided that the music was too old for 28 year olds. Also, I didn't love my mixing on it. I had a lot of pandemic rust on me still and what I later found out to be thyroid brain fog. So, I was going to go back and re-record it, but I don't really feel like doing that now. I'd rather just put it out as-is and be done with it and move on to the next project.

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